Sales Activity Management

Sales Activity Management module lets you to add and manage revenue generated from customers. You can add different products and services provided by your company at one place and track the overall revenue generated. To configure, your sales activity settings navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Leads > Sales Activity Settings

Note: If the set-up has already been done and you are looking for information on how to add/capture Sales activities on the Leads, please see : Capture Sales Activities.

Here is the procedure to Set-up Sales Activity Settings in LeadSquared.


You must be an Admin or a Marketing User of your LeadSquared Account.

General Settings:

2. Enter the new display name for sales activity. The default value remains sales activity but you can change it as per your needs like Enrollment, Registration, etc… Display name entered in the field will be displayed in application for adding a sales activity.

3. Deselect the checkbox if you don’t want to change the existing stage of a lead to customer.

Note: Default currency can be changed from Settings > Account Settings > Company Profile.

4. Click Save.


Once general settings are configured, you are ready to add your products in LeadSquared.

1. Click on Products present under Sales Activity Settings

2. Click on Add Product button.

3. Give Product Id, Product Name, and Product Description and click Save.

Note: You can enter up to 1000 characters in the Product Description field.

create product 11

Activity Fields: 

After adding products you can configure your sales activity form using Activity Fields. There are 4 system fields which are to be displayed as default fields in sales activity form and there are eleven custom fields which can be used as per business requirements To configure your form,

1. Click Activity Fields present under Sales Activity Settings.

Sales Activity Fields

2. Click Edit Fields.

Sales Activity Fields Edit 1

3. Enter the display names for different fields and select the checkbox for custom field which are to be displayed in sales activity form.
Note: LeadSuared provides 15 custom sales activity fields by default but if you require more, feel free to contact us.

Sales Activity Fields Edit 2

4. Click Save to save changes. With this your configuration for sales activity is done. Now can start using it.

How to add sales activity for lead?

Sales Activity can be added from two places that are lead grid and lead details page. To add a sales activity navigate to Lead -> Manage Leads

1. Mouse hover on row action and click on New Sales Activity (the label may be different like New Registration, New Enrollment, New Order etc depending upon what you chose in Sales Activity Settings -> General Settings as described above)

Submit the form and Click on Save button.

You can also add Sales Activity from Lead Details Page:

Sales Activity in Lead Details

 Cancelling Sales Activity

You can also cancel a sales activity to nullify the revenue/order value captured by it:

Cancel Sales Activity

The cancelled activity will appear in activity history of lead:

Cancelled Sales Activity

You can also add attachments to a Sales Activity by editing it.

Sales Activity Attachement

After clicking Edit, it opens up Sales Activity window, Click Attachments tab and then click Upload button to upload any documents to attach to a Sales Activity and Save.

Sales Activity Attachment upload

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