LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration with Infobip

1. Feature Overview

Today, businesses communicate with customers through many different channels (SMS, Voice, Email, Mobile Messaging, Chat, etc.). Infobip offers scalable, fast and flexible solutions to help customers build and manage a single contact center platform. To learn more about Infobip, visit https://www.infobip.com
LeadSquared offers WhatsApp integration to help users communicate with their leads. Our WhatsApp functionality supports integrations through different solution providers like Infobip. This article helps you set up WhatsApp messaging through your LeadSquared account using Infobip as your service provider.


2. Prerequisites

If you’re not familiar with LeadSquared’s WhatsApp integration, see WhatsApp Business Messaging Connector. For frequently asked questions, see WhatsApp Business FAQs.

  1. Reach out to us at support@leadsquared.com regarding Infobip WhatsApp integration.
  2. Get an Approved WhatsApp Business Number and Account.
  3. Submit Message Templates for Approval.


3. Installation & Configuration

To install the WhatsApp Messaging Connector, login to your LeadSquared account –

  1. On the main menu, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace.
  2. Search for ‘WhatsApp’ or select the Messaging category on the left pane.
  3. Click Install.

install whatsapp connector

Once installed, hover your cursor over the settingsSettings iconicon, then click Configure.

whats app configs

On the Configure WhatsApp pop-up, select Infobip, then click Next.

Configure WhatsApp with Infobip

You can authenticate your Infobip integration through an API key or through UserName and Password.


3.1 Authentication through API Key

infobip API authentication

  1. Generate your Infobip API Key.
    Visit Infobip help documentation and follow the instructions to generate the API Key. Enter the key you generated in the API Key (publicAPIKey) field.
  2. Enter your Infobip account number in the Phone field.
  3. Visit Infobip help documentation to get your Base URL, and paste it in the Base URL field.

Note: We recommend that you generate the Infobip API Key for a period of 1 year or longer.

To ensure the WhatsApp messaging data is posted to LeadSquared, you must now configure the Inbound Webhook in your Infobip account.

  1. Copy the Inbound Webhook URL from the Configure WhatsApp pop-up.
  2. Go to https://portal.infobip.com/ and log in.
  3. Navigate to Apps>Numbers.
  4. Under the Configuration column, click Keywords.
  5. Click Add Keyword. Paste the Inbound Webhook URL (copied in Step 1) in the URL textbox. Ensure that ‘Forwarding’ is set to ‘Forward to HTTP’ and ‘Method’ is set to ‘POST’.
  6. Click Save.

Paste Inbound URL in Infobip Portal


3.2 Authentication through UserName & Password

Configure Infobip with user name and password

Alternatively, you can authenticate using your Infobip UserName and Password.

  • Enter your Infobip account number in the Phone field.
  • Visit Infobip help documentation to get your Base URL, and paste it in the Base URL field.
  • Follow the process listed above to configure the Inbound Webhook in your Infobip account.

Click Next, when you’re done.


3.3 Configuration

Field Mapping

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration

In this section, you must map –

  • Activity Mapping – A LeadSquared activity field to your WhatsApp messages. This is the activity that will be posted every time a WhatsApp message is sent or received.
  • WhatsApp Opt-Out – A LeadSquared lead field to the WhatsApp opt-out functionality. Your leads can opt-in or out of receiving WhatsApp messages on the basis of this field.
  • Default WhatsApp Number Fields – The number you set as the default phone number will be automatically selected when you’re sending a WhatsApp message to a lead. You can also select other numbers that are available from the Add Another Number dropdown.
  • Default Country Code – The default country code will be used to send messages to a phone number that’s stored in a custom field, if no country code is listed.
  • Media Template Support – If you want to include media files in your WhatsApp message, you must enable the Slider slider.


Note: You must create a custom lead field of boolean type to map to the WhatsApp opt-out functionality. For example, you may create a custom lead field called “WhatsApp Opt Out”. Leads for whom the field is selected/checked won’t receive WhatsApp messages.

Click Save when you’re done.

  • If your credentials are correct, you’ll see the success message highlighted below.
  • If they were incorrect, the integration will fail.


4. Next Steps

Once the connector is successfully installed, you can proceed to add WhatsApp templates and finally message your leads. For details, see Adding WhatsApp Templates to LeadSquared.

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