LeadSquared Converse

1. Feature Overview

LeadSquared Converse is a multi-channel engagement platform that enables you to have real-time conversations with leads. Converse currently supports the following channels –

  • SMS (currently available only in the United States)
  • WhatsApp
  • Carter (LeadSquared’s internal reminder and notifications system)

Using Converse, you’ll be able to –

1. Send and receive images, videos, GIFs, etc.
2. View conversations in the context of a lead.
3. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple applications to converse with your leads.
4. Get real-time notifications for messages sent by leads.
5. Send content-rich messages, with multi-language and emoji support



2. Prerequisite

To enable LeadSquared Converse in your account, please write to support@leadsquared.com.

Note: We will be integrating LeadSquared Converse with other platforms in the near future. Check out Product Updates to know more.


3. Conversing with Leads via SMS

After LeadSquared Converse is enabled on your account –

  1. Log in to your LeadSquared account, and from the main menu, click Converse – Chat.
  2. On the chat pop-up, search for the lead you want to converse with. You’ll have to type either the lead’s first name or last name, in entirety, for the lead to appear.
  3. On the chat pop-up, you can begin having a conversation with your lead. After typing your message, hit Enter, or click Send to send the message.
  4. Once the message is sent, a Single Tick single tick will be visible against the message. Once the message is delivered, it’ll change to Double Tick double ticks.
  5. Once your lead replies, you can continue the conversation.


  • Conversing with your leads via SMS is currently supported only in the US region.
  • Your account plan must support SMS integration.
  • You must have either the CTM Texting Connector or the RingCentral Texting Connector installed and configured in your account.



3.1 SMS Templates

You can create customized SMS templates and attach them while conversing with your leads.

  1. On the chat pop-up, click Select a Template, or click Attach.
  2. From the list of existing templates, choose the template you wish to send to the lead.
  3. Hit Enter, or click Send to send the message.



3.2 Attach Files

You can send and receive files while conversing with your leads.

  • To attach files, on the chat pop-up, click Attach.
  • To download files received from your leads, on the chat pop-up, under the file, click LeadSquared Converse.


The following file types are supported –

Connector TypeImage FilesText FilesVideo FilesAudio FilesMaximum File Size Allowed
CTM Texting Connector
  • jpeg
  • png
  • jpg
  • gif
  • vcard
  • directory
  • x-vcard
RingCentral Texting Connector
  • jpeg
  • png
  • jpg
  • gif
  • bmp
  • tiff
  • svg
  • rtf
  • mp4
  • mp3


3.3 Other Actions

The other actions that you can perform from the chat pop-up are –

  • To navigate to the Lead Details page from the chat pop-up, click on the lead’s name. This will open the Lead Details page on a new tab.
    • On the Lead Details page, under Activity History, you can view the conversation you’ve had with the lead.


  • If the lead has multiple phone numbers, click Select Number to select the number you want to send the message to.
  • To expand the chat window to full-screen mode, click Expand.
  • If there’s an unread message on the chat pop-up, then the number of messages will show up on it.



4. Conversing with Leads via WhatsApp

Integrating Converse with the LeadSquared’s WhatsApp connector will enable your users to have real-time conversations with your leads via WhatsApp. Using templatized messages, you’ll be able to attach and send media files (such as images, documents, etc.) and emojis in your conversations. For more information, refer to Integrate Converse with WhatsApp.

Note: WhatsApp messages received from contacts that don’t exist as leads in your LeadSquared account will get created as new leads, and be assigned to your existing Admin users in a round-robin manner.

LeadSquared Converse

4.1 Set-up

You must install and configure the WhatsApp connector. Once that’s done, you can integrate LeadSquared Converse with the following WhatsApp service providers –

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration


4.2 Create WhatsApp Templates

Once the connector is set-up, you must create WhatsApp templates that can be used to converse with your leads. To do this, refer to Create WhatsApp Templates in LeadSquared.

Note: Enable the Available in Converse setting when creating WhatsApp templates.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration


4.3 Messaging your Leads via WhatsApp

To send WhatsApp messages to your leads through Converse –

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads, and click on the lead you want to message.
  2. On the Lead Details page, on the Lead vCard, click  LeadSquared Converse.
  3. On the chat pop-up, select WhatsApp Business.
  4. From the list of approved templates, select the template you want to send, and click LeadSquared Converse Send.
  5. When the 24-hour service window is active, you can converse with your lead in real-time.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration


4.4 Attach Files

You can send and receive files while conversing with your leads via WhatsApp.

  • To attach files, on the chat pop-up, click Attach.
  • To download files received from your leads, on the chat pop-up, under the file, click LeadSquared Converse.


  • The file attachment and emoji banner appears only when the WhatsApp service window is active.
  • Sales Users can attach and send one media file at a time.
  • Sales Users can add captions only to image & video files.

LeadSquared Converse

The following file types are supported when conversing via WhatsApp –

Image FilesVideo FilesAudio FilesDocument FilesMaximum File Size Allowed
  • jpeg
  • png
  • mp4
  • 3gpp
  • x-aac
  • mpeg
  • pdf
  • doc
  • xls
  • ppt


5. Receiving Nudges via Carter

Carter is a desktop application that sends reminders and notifications to your users. You can use Carter to send your Lead’s conversation as notifications to your users. To enable Carter on your account, refer to Configure Carter Settings.

Carter Converse Integration


6. Hide Lead Fields

While sending messages (via SMS or WhatsApp), you can hide sensitive lead fields (such as Phone Numbers, Lead Name, etc.) from your LeadSquared users.
To hide these fields, you must create and assign Restrict Access – View Lead Permission Templates to your users, and select (configure) the Lead Fields you want to mask.

Note: Details shared over chat messages between users and leads (e.g., when lead’s send their Email Id over chat to users, etc.) will not be masked.

LeadSquared Product Updates


7. Usage Reports

You can track the number of notifications and SMS sent to your customers by viewing the Usage Reports. Here, you can filter and view –

  • The nudges sent during a single month, as well as sent over the last 12 months
  • The nudges sent for different LeadSquared entities (leads, tasks, and activities)
  • The number of SMSes sent and received (inbound vs outbound)
  • The number of SMSes sent through the SMS providers (CTM and RingCentral).

To view the Usage Reports

  1. On the LeadSquared Converse widget/pop-up, to expand the chat window to full-screen mode, click Expand.
  2. On the LeadSquared Converse page, click the profile icon that’s present on the top-right corner.
  3. From the profile dropdown, click Usage Reports.
  4. You can view the reports on the Usage Reports page.
    • To filter the report by date, click on the month field.

LeadSquared Converse


Keyboard Shortcuts

Maximize/minimize the Converse chat window –

  • On Windows, use alt + m
  • On Mac, use option + m


Any Questions?

Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know any feedback you may have in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you and help you out!

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1 month ago

Can converse be used for messenger as well

Vir Singh
Reply to  Lalit
8 days ago

Hey Lalit,
Sorry, we’re not quite sure what you mean. Converse is an instant messaging service for exchanging SMS and Whatsapp messages with your leads. It also supports internal notifications (we call this feature ‘Carter’) for task reminders, lead assignments, etc.

Last edited 8 days ago by Vir Singh
4 months ago

Can we use WhatsApp converse in leadsquared mobile app?