Opportunity Integration in Telephony and Updates in Zapier, WhatsApp and Facebook Connectors

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Integration in Telephony
Opportunities can now be integrated with the LeadSquared Generic Telephony Connector and the Ozonetel v2 Connector. This will enable you to track phone call interactions with your leads, for each opportunity or potential deal. Once the call is completed, a call activity, with all the call details, is posted on the Opportunity Details page. For more details, see Opportunity Integration in Telephony.


Integration & Apps

Zapier Updates
We’ve updated our Zapier integration to offer

  • A new action that allows you to post a sales activity on a lead.
  • Three new search capabilities
    • Find Lead (New) – Finds leads using any field, including custom fields (PAN Number, Student Id, etc.).
    • Get Activity Details – Returns the details of an activity based on Activity Id.
    • Find Users – Finds user information based on email address or User Id.

Zapier Integration Product Updates


WhatsApp Business Messaging Connector Updates
You can send media attachments dynamically in WhatsApp messages to your leads, using automation. Examples of this feature in action are –

  • Travel websites that send you PDF files of your tickets when you’ve made a flight booking.
  • Insurance companies that send you PDFs with the details of your newly purchased insurance package.
  • Colleges/schools dynamically sending report cards to each student.
  • Invoices sent as attachments to customers after purchases, on renewal dates, etc.

For information on how to set this feature up, see WhatsApp Business Messaging Connector.

Dynamic whatsapp attachments


Facebook Retargeting Connector Updates
If you are using the Facebook Retargeting Connector, you can push leads in a list from LeadSquared to Facebook Ads, using an automation. An example of when you can use the automation feature is when a lead is created after visiting your landing page. Here, you can automatically add the lead to a list, and retarget the lead with the Facebook Ad of the product or service they’ve shown interest in.

To enable this feature on your account, you must uninstall and reinstall the Facebook Retargeting Connector. To know more, please refer to Facebook Retargeting Connector.