Updates across Lead, Opportunity and Telephony Management

Here are the latest updates across the platform –

Lead & Opportunity Management

If you’ve masked phone type lead fields and/or any opportunity fields using permission templates, you can now unhide them for your users on the Lead Details and Opportunity Details pages. However, they’ll still be hidden from your users on the listing pages (Manage Leads and Manage Opportunities pages). To enable this feature, please reach out to your account manager, or write to support@leadsquared.com.


Opportunity Management

You can now add Opportunities from the Manage Leads page, through the Actions dropdown.

  • To add an opportunity against an existing lead, hover your cursor over  , and click Add Opportunity.

LeadSquared Product Updates

  • To add multiple (bulk) opportunities, click the Checkbox checkbox against the leads you want to add the opportunity to. Then, hover your cursor over the Actions menu, and click Add Opportunity.

LeadSquared Product Updates

Note: To know how to configure opportunity fields, refer to Opportunity Configurations.


Advanced Configuration

We’ve added the following Organization Settings to give you more control over account level configurations –

  • Allow sales group functionality to sales manager
    When enabled, Sales Manager user roles will be able to access the Sales Groups Settings page to create, manage and delete sales groups. To know more, refer to Organization Settings – Advanced Configuration.

LeadSquared Product Updates

LeadSquared Product Updates



For automations created using Opportunity triggers, in the Notify User card, you can now select the Opportunity Owner Manager as a recipient in the “To, CC, and BCC” fields.

LeadSquared Product Updates



  • For customers using the Exotel Telephony connector, you can now use LeadSquared’s Async API framework to ensure more reliable call logs posting for outbound calls. To know more, refer to Exotel Connector.
  • For customers using the Ozonetel telephony connector, you can now assign campaigns/virtual number to individual agents. To know more, refer to Ozonetel v2 Connector.