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Leads: Lead Details

Lead Details page allows you view the lead information, view the lead’s activity history, view lead pulse (lead stage, lead score, and lead grade), perform lead actions, and add notable activities. You can access Lead details by clicking the required lead in the Manage Leads window.

Lead Details page

You can view the following information on the Lead Details page:

  • Lead Details vCard
  • Lead Properties
  • Tags
  • Activity Tabs

For more information on Activity Tabs, refer to How to Add and Manage Activity Tabs in the Lead Details Window?

Lead Details vCard

Allows you to view, edit and share the Lead Details from the Lead Details window.


  • Click edit-button to edit the Lead Details. After updating the details, click Save.


To share the Lead Details with a LeadSquared user, click share-button. The Share Lead – <Lead Name> pop-up box appears.


  • In the Share with field, enter the LeadSquared user with whom you want to share the Lead Details.
  • In the Notes field, enter the required description and click Share. The lead is shared successfully with the message highlighted in the image below.

Lead Properties

Allows you to view and edit the the lead properties like Lead Owner, Lead Source and also allows you to view the Lead Age.


  • Click edit-button2 to edit the Lead Owner and Lead Source.


  • Click save-button to save.


Allows you view and add the tags associated to the lead.


Activity Tabs

Activity Tabs allows you to view the various Lead Activities consolidated in one tab. It also allows you to filter specific Lead Activities in a specific time range.

Example: A tab to view all the Email Activities like Email Opened, Email Clicked, Email Bounced and so on at one place from last year.

The various system tabs are explained below:

Activity History

Allows you to view the timeline of the lead’s interaction with you. You can view the activity history based on the notable activity, and also on the time interval. You can also view the lead score, added or subtracted due to the actions that your lead has taken.

Note: Owner changes that happen through automations will be displayed in the activity history along with the ‘Automation name’ and ‘Action name’ details.

Lead Details

Allows you to view Lead information, Company information,  and Additional information.

  • Lead Information: It shows all the regular lead details, such as name, job title, phone number, email and so on.
  • Company Information: It shows the lead’s company information, such as, Industry type, location, years in business and so on.
  • Additional Information: It shows the details of the marketer, date of creation of the lead in your account, lead owner and so on.



Allows you to view the Lead’s social media profiles, if present in any social networking sites. This feature is powered by Full Contact. If you do not find any social profile of the lead, the lead has not provided his social profile information.


Allows you to view the tasks related to the lead. You can also view who created the task, the lead owner and the task detail.



Allows you to view notes related to the lead.  You can also Add a Note from this section.



Allows you to view all the documents that is uploaded through the Notes tab.

Member of Lists

You can view all the lists that the lead is part of. If you click on any of the lists, you are redirected to the List Details window.


This tab provides an overview of the lead details page. It shows you details such as lead source, Emails opened, landing page visited, tasks associated with the lead and so on. You can view this section, if you want to see most of the lead’s information in one place.

Actions  Available From Lead Details window

Add Notable Activity – You can add a notable activity, related to the lead, from the Lead Details page. For more information on this, refer to How to add Activity to Lead(s).

Add Note – You can add notes, related to the lead from this page.

Add Task – Allows you to add a task to the lead. For more information on this, refer to How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?

Add Sales Activity – Allows you to add a sales activity to a lead. For more information on this, refer to Capture Sales Activities.

Send Email – Allows you to send one-to-one Email to the Lead. Click and the Email Editor pop-up box appears.


View My Tasks – Allows to view your pending tasks in the display pane below:

Lead Actions : You can hover on the lead actions button and choose any of the actions required for the lead. The actions include the below:

  • Add to List
  • Change Owner
  • Change Stage
  • Clone
  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Opt-Out
  • Send Email
  • Share
  • Send SMS

For information on these actions, refer to the Row Actions section of Leads – Manage Leads.

Notable Activity Type Drop-Down list

This drop-down allows you to filter the activity history display plane. Select the required activity type from the drop-down list and the display pane is filtered based on the selected activity type. You can also select the time frame for the select activity type from the Time drop-down list.


  • Click the highlighted button in the image below to hide the Notable Activity Type and Time filters from the Lead Details window.





  • Click filter-button to unhide the  Notable Activity Type and Time filters.