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How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?

Lead Activity is any event that is of importance in the life-cycle of lead.

Example: Having a phone conversation, a direct Meeting or any formal Interaction with a Lead has to be clearly & promptly noted in a business process. These Notable Activities are to be posted by the Users in LeadSquared after each follow-up made on a Lead. Posting custom notable activities on a Lead, helps keep track of the latest happenings on leads in the business process.

Typical activities performed as part of business processes can be configured in LeadSquared Account as Custom Notable Activities. Every notable activity can be associated with a score. The aggregate of these scores on a particular lead is the lead score. You can also add custom fields to the notable activity to provide further details.


You should be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared account.


Steps to create Notable activity

Steps to add Notable activity for a lead

Steps to create Notable activity and Task together

Steps to create Notable Activity

To create a custom activity:

  • Click Add. The Add Custom Activity Type pop-up box appears.

Add Custom Activity Type

In the Custom Activity tab, complete the following details:

  • Name: Enter the custom activity name.
  • Description: Enter the description for the activity.
  • Score: Provide the score that is be associated with the activity, example: instance, registration form submitted, and so on. You enter a score up to 200.
  • Direction : Select Inbound if the activity  is done by the lead. Select Outbound, if the activity is done by the marketer. Example: A phone call to a lead may be considered as an Outbound activity.
  • Delete Activity : Select this, if you want to configure and restrict users from deleting or not to delete certain activity types in Lead activity history. The below steps illustrates the process of configuring custom notable activity.
  • Track Location: This is for users of the LeadSquared mobile application. If enabled, it tracks the GPS location of the user and adds the location co-ordinates to the activity history of the user.

The Additional Fields tab allows to you enter further details for the custom activity. LeadSquared allows you to provide up to 15 additional data fields in this tab. However you can always contact us if you require more custom fields.

additional fields tab

In the Additional Fields tab, complete the following details:

  • Display Name: Enter the name for the additional field.
  • Type: Select the data type from the drop-down list. For Dropdown and Searchable Dropdown, click tool button to enter the drop-down values.
  • Include: Select this, if you want this field to be included in the custom activity.
  • Mandatory: Select this, if you want to make this field mandatory in the custom activity.

Click the anchor icon and you can drag-drop and rearrange the fields. See the below image for reference.


  • Click Save.

Note: The custom additional fields you create from the Add Custom Activity Type is available as search criteria in the Advanced Search feature of LeadSquared. For more information on advanced search, refer to How do I use Advanced Search feature in LeadSquared?

Edit custom activity settings :

Select an activity type and click Edit to modify the settings of a custom notable activity.

 Steps to Add Notable Activity for a lead
On configuring the custom activities, you can add an activity for a lead as shown below. To do this:

  • From the LeadSquared dashboard, go to Manage Leads
  • Click the required lead from the lead details display pane. The Lead Details window appears.

manage leads

  • Click Add Notable Activity. The Add Notable Activity pop-up box appears.
  • Select the required custom activity you had created from the Activity Type drop-down list.

You can see that any additional fields you had configured for the selected activity type also appears below.

add notable activity2

  • Enter the required details and click Add. The custom activity is added to Activity History pane of the Lead Details window.

notable activity is added

Also, it is possible to add a custom activity against a desired lead from manage lead page as shown below.

You can also do bulk activity for multiple leads from the Managed Leads window. To do this, select the required multiple leads and click Add Activity under Actions.
Steps to create Notable Activity and Task together
Users can now optionally create a Task along with Notable activity. This will help users to post a Follow-up task along with Activity.

In the Add Notable Activity pop-up box, click Add Task to create a task along with activity.