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Settings: Managing Lead Sources

Lead sources are the avenues through which leads come to your website. You can add, remove and customize your lead sources by navigating to My>Profile>Settings>Customization>Lead Sources.


Examples of Lead Sources

Here are some examples of common lead sources.

Lead SourceDescription
Organic SearchWhen Lead comes through regular search on search engines. For example, if a person come to your website after finding it in search result on a search engine and then submits his contact information then the source will be classified as Organic Search. Note that it does not include Leads coming through paid online ads like google adwords.
Referral SitesWhen a Lead is captured after it visits your website or Landing Page by clicking a link of a referral site. For example, you may have published URLs of your Landing Pages on a directory listing service. The Leads coming from it will be categorized as having the Lead Source “Referral Sites”.
Direct TrafficWhen a person directly types URL of your website or Landing Page and submits his information.
Social MediaWhen a Leads comes through a link or post on social media sites like linkedin, facebook, twitter etc.
Email MarketingWhen a Lead visits your website or Landing Page by clicking a link in your Email campaign then the Lead source is “Email Marketing”.
Pay per Click AdsWhen a Lead visits your website or Landing Page by clicking a search advertisement (e.g. google ads) that you have bought.
Trade ShowYou can assign the source as Trade Show for the Leads that you engaged in an event, seminar, conference etc.
eBookThe Leads that are captured as a result of form submission to download an eBook on your website or Landing Page.
Inbound CallThe Leads that made a call to your company to inquire/buy your goods or services.
Outbound CallThe Leads whom your sales reps called to sell your company’s goods or services.
Customer ReferralThe Leads that have been referred by one of your customers.
Partner ReferralThe Leads that have been referred by one of your business partners.
Employee ReferralThe Leads that have been referred by one of your employees.

By default, you’ll find the following lead sources in your account –

  1. Organic Search
  2. Referral Sites
  3. Direct Traffic
  4. Social Media
  5. Inbound Email
  6. Inbound Phone Call
  7. Outbound Phone Call
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Pay per click Ads

These lead sources are relevant to most businesses. You can however add your own lead sources.


Add a Lead Source

  1. Press the Add button and enter ‘Lead Source Name’.
  2. Once you’re done with the changes, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you update the lead sources, you’ll be able to see the updated drop down list in places where Lead Sources are used (Add Lead Form, Lead Import etc.)

leads source add


Change the Display Order

You can change the display order of lead sources by using up and down arrows. The default list is not sorted deliberately. You can sort the list according to your business needs.

lead source display order


Delete a Lead Source

Click the delete icon to delete a lead source.

delete lead sources

You can’t delete the following lead sources as they’re tracked automatically –

  • Organic Search
  • Referral Sites
  • Direct Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Email
  • Inbound Phone Call
  • Outbound Phone Call
  • Pay per Click Ads

Note: You should be careful of the impact if you delete a lead source that is already associated with leads. To prevent any data incongruity, LeadSquared does not dissociate a Lead Source from a Lead even if you delete it in settings. However, you will not be able to use the deleted lead source when you add a new lead. The lead source report will continue to show deleted lead sources as long as there are leads in the system associated with those sources.


Lead Source Properties

You can enable/disable the following properties for the lead source field.

edit lead source properties

Is MandatoryMarks the field as mandatory. Users won’t be able to create a new lead without filling this field.
Show in Quick AddIncludes the field in the quick add lead option.
Use in Lead CloneThe field value will be populated when the lead is cloned.
Include in Mail MergeIncludes this field as a mail merge option for email personalization.
Lock After CreateNon-admin users won’t be able to update the value of this field once a lead is created.
Show in ImportEnables the field for mapping during lead import through CSV.


Any Questions?

Are there any lead sources you use that aren’t mentioned here? We’d love to hear about your own unique use cases in the comment section below.