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Call From Mobile – Initiate phone calls from LeadSquared

This article helps you to understand how to initiate phone calls to your leads using your mobile phone through LeadSquared.

Note: This feature needs the user to have LeadSquared Mobile Application on his/her  device. The device must be connected to internet. Currently the feature is available only on android platform.

This procedure involves the following steps:

  • Creating a menu option, example: Call from Mobile, after the feature is set up using the Custom Lead and List Actions (refer the instructions in the latter section of this article).
  • Click the menu option in LeadSquared web app to initiate the call.
  • The call is placed via your phone.
  • Once the call is completed, a call activity is posted against the Lead.


  • The Custom Lead and List Actions connector must be installed in your LeadSquared account.
  • Your mobile phone should be connected to the Internet.
  • The latest version of the LeadSquared Mobile App must be installed.
  • You must be logged into your LeadSquared Mobile Application. The app need not be opened while placing the call.
  • You must be Administrator user to setup the calling (explained in the next section).

For mobile phone models like Xiaomi, Asus, OnePlus, Micromax, Lenovo, Intex and Panasonic, the following settings should be completed in your phone for this feature to work:

  • Go to Security -> Permissions -> Autostart.
  • Enable autotstart for the LeadSquared mobile App from here.

Allow permissions to make call, read contact and read call history. To do this:

  • Go to Security -> Permissions -> Permissions.
  • Select Permission Manager and enable the above mentioned permissions for the LeadSquared Mobile App.

Setup outbound calling

  • From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared Web Application, go to Apps -> Apps Marketplace -> UI Customization -> Custom Lead and List Actions. The Custom Lead and List Actions window appears.


  • Click Configure. The Configure Custom Lead and List Actions pop-up box appears.


  • Select Lead Grid Row Action and click Add Action and complete the following details under Action Label.

Action Label – Enter  the action name  like ‘Make a Call‘  or ‘Call from Mobile” or “C

Action Type – Select Call an API.

Callback URL – Paste the following URL in this field:

https://mobile-notifications.leadsquared.com/InitiateCall.aspx?AccessKey=@{User:AccessKey , }&SecretKey=@{User:SecretKey , }&UserID=@{User:Id , }&LeadID=@{Lead:ProspectID , }&OrgID=@{Account:ShortCode , }&Phone=@{Lead:Phone , }

HTTP Method – Select GET as the HTTP method .

  • Click Save. The action Make a Call is now available under Lead Row Actions in the Manage Leads window and also under Actions in the Lead Details window.


Making call

Once the set up is completed,  to initiate the call,  go to the Manage Leads window and click the newly added action menu item Call from Mobile.


The call is initiated with the message highlighted in the image below:


Once the call is over, an activity is posted to the Lead.