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Conditions in LeadSquared Automation

This help article allows you to understand and use the various conditions  available in your LeadSquared automation. The various available are:

  • Wait
  • If/Else


The wait condition allows you to delay an action or condition to be performed for the Lead for a specified time.  Example: Consider you set an Email to send to the Lead and after a time period of 5 days, you need to check if the Email was opened. By using the Wait condition, you can specify the time delay of 5 days.

  • Click Wait

  • The Set Wait Condition pop-up will appear.

Here you can specify the time period to delay the action in two different ways:

1. For a specific amount of time – Allows you enter the time delay in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. In addition, you can also set the exact day of the week and time of day that you want to wait on the next action. Use the highlighted checkbox to pick a day and set a time.

2. Till a specific date & time – Allows you to enter the date and time till which the succeeding activity will be delayed. Click the checkbox highlighted below to use this feature.

If you are giving an Email action, you have the option to give another condition called Wait Until. This condition allows you to delay until an Email activity is satisfied by the Lead in order to proceed to another action.

To add Wait Until condition:

  • After an Email action, click Wait Until under Conditions. The Set Wait Until Condition pop-up box appears.

set wait until

Here you can the specify the Email condition and the Email Campaign which the Lead should satisfy in order proceed to the next action.

set wait until2

set wait until3

Note: You can add multiple conditions here. Select Any Condition, if you want your Lead to satisfy any one of the conditions that you provide. Select All Condition, if you want the Lead to satisfy all the conditions that you provide.

  • Once this is completed, click Save.

A sample image of an automation with the Wait Until condition is given below:

Here, after the new Lead is created, an Email is sent to the Lead. After this, a Wait Until condition to wait until the Lead opens the first Email is given. If the Lead opens the Email, the Lead Stage of the Lead is updated to ‘Opportunity‘.


This condition serves as a Yes/No criteria. If the Lead satisfies a specific condition, you can give a Yes action to succeed. If the condition is not satisfied by the Lead, you can give a No action to succeed.

Example: Consider, if you give an If condition ” Lead visited on webpage” after the Wait condition of ”One day”.

condition set

Here If/Else conditions acts as a Yes/No criteria to the Wait condition. After the wait condition of 1 day, if the Lead visits the web page, an Email is sent to the Lead. If the Lead does not visit the web page after 1 day, a notification Email is sent to the Lead Owner to follow-up with the Lead.

Note: For activity based automations, if you choose the ‘Triggered Activity’ option in the in the If/Else condition then it will relate only to the triggered event. If you select ‘Lead Activity’, it will relate to all corresponding events on the lead including past activities.

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