Mobile App Permissions – Offline Access

LeadSquared now allows Mobile App users to access their Leads Offline on mobile devices.

Users will be able to access Leads, update them and also create new leads while they are offline (not connected to the net).

Admin users can control the permissions to allow or restrict offline access for various User roles.


You must be an Admin User to manage or grant Mobile App Offline Access to the Users.


Form the main menu navigate to My Account > Settings > Users and Permissions > Mobile App Permissions.

On Mobile App Permissions page you can manage the following Permissions for various User roles in LeadSquared.

1. Allow Offline Access

2. No of Leads Allowed.

3. Overwrite Setting.

Mobile app 1

1. Allow Offline Access: By default all User roles except Marketing Users would have Offline mobile app access allowed.

2. No. of Leads Allowed: The number of leads that can be accessed offline can be determined by the admin user for the mobile app users based on their User roles.

Leads allowed can be set from 50 up-to 10,000 in steps of 50 , 100, 250, 500, 1000, 10000 as required. By default it would be 100 leads for all users.


3. Overwrite Setting: This has 2 options a) Ignore and b) Overwrite

When a user accesses LeadSquared Mobile app offline; User works on the leads and Updates lead information in the fields. And when he connects to the app Online the data syncs to the cloud online and gets updated.

Admin users can choose to Ignore or Overwrite the changes made to the lead fields by the Users while they accessed Mobile app offline.

Edit & Manage Permissions:

All these permissions can be managed and changed by Admin User by simply clicking Edit option available on the Mobile App Permissions grid.

1. Select or Uncheck Offline access to required User roles.

2. Change number of Leads allowed as required.

3. Specify Overwrite Setting.

4. Once specified Save the changes.

Mobile app per edit

That is all about managing Mobile App permissions for Offline Access for users.

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