Auto Check-In/Check-Out Guide

You can automatically check-in/check-out your users across both web and mobile platforms. If you’ve set up automated lead distribution and enabled auto check-in/check-out, leads will be seamlessly distributed to your users without any need for manual intervention.
The feature is also part of a complete attendance management solution where you can track the working hours, holidays and leaves of your users.




Here are some of the major benefits of setting up auto check-in/checkout –

  • Regularize working hours through workday templates and also manage holidays and leaves.
  • Sales managers can track the location of their field sales users throughout the work day.
  • Sales users don’t have to remember to check-in or check-out. They’ll automatically be checked in and their locations will be tracked during working hours.
  • Auto check-out ensures that users aren’t tracked after working hours, even if they forget to manually check out.
  • Avoid distributing leads to users who are on leave or checked-out.
  • Managers will not only get access to user-level automation reports, but also real-time tracking and location history reports.



Follow these steps to setup automated check-in/check-out functionality –

  1. Enable User Check-In 
    Ensure that the Check-In/Check-Out feature is enabled for your users. You can enable it from My Acccount>Settings>Users and Permissions>User Check-In. For more information, see User Management Features: Check-In and Check-Out.
  2. Enable Location Tracking
  3. Setup Work Day Templates
    Create work day templates and assign them to teams or individual users. Users will be automatically checked-in and out at the timings you define in your work day templates*. For more information, see Work Day Templates.
    • You can also set up holiday calendars and apply it to users/teams. This allows you to prevent auto check-in on holidays. For details, see Holiday Calendar.
    • Stop auto check-in for users who’ve applied for leave with the Leave Tracker.
  • Create a User Automation
    Create a new user automation either from scratch, or use a ready-made check-in or check-out template. If you’re creating one from scratch, use the ‘Start of a Workday’ or ‘End of a Workday’ trigger and be sure to include the user check-in or check-out action. For detailed information on setting up these automations, see How to Create a User Automation.
  • Include Webhooks in the Automation for Mobile (Optional)
    If you want check-in/check-out reminders and notifications on your mobile phone, you must include webhooks in your user automation. To learn how to do it, see Auto Check-In/Check-Out for Mobile.

*Work day templates work in accordance with the time zone you select.


How It Works

Once you’ve followed the instructions above, you’ll have the following things in place –

  • Work day templates assigned to teams/users.
  • User automation to automatically check in your users at the start of a workday and/or check-out your users at the end of a workday.

The automation you’ve set up will pull data from the work day templates you’ve created. For instance, when the check-in automation runs, your users will be notified that their work day is about to begin (if you’ve setup notifications before the actual start time of the workday) and that they should check-in.
If they don’t check-in by the time the work day begins, they’ll be auto-checked in by the automation (this is the auto check-in action card in your automation).
Similarly, they’ll be notified and auto checked-out by the auto check-out automation you set up.



Here’s the list of reports relevant to the auto check-in/check-out feature –

  1. User Check-in and Check-Out History
    Shows when and where your users have checked in and out either manually or through automation.
  2. Field Sales Activity Tracker
    Shows when and where your users are checking in and out, the activities they’re posting and also their last known location.
  3. User Location History Report
    Shows the travel path your users have taken on the map.
  4. My Location History Report
    This report is available on each user’s mobile device. It shows them their own travel history on the map.

Feel free to contact us at if you need assistance.



I’ve set up work day templates and assigned them to users/teams but I haven’t set up a check-in or check-out user automation. What will happen when my users check-in to LeadSquared?
If your users have checked in on web during the working hours configured in your workday template(s), they’ll be auto checked in when they open the mobile app. Similarly, users checking out from the web application after the configured working hours will be checked out on mobile as well.


I checked-in on the mobile app. Will I be checked in on web as well?
Yes. However, the opposite is not true – if you check in on web, you won’t be checked in on the mobile app.


I disabled the check-in for a user role but the auto check-in feature is still working. Why?
The auto check-in feature works regardless of the user role settings you’ve configured.


I checked out from the web before the end of my workday but I didn’t get checked out from the mobile app. Why?
If you checked out early from the web, you’ll get checked out on mobile only once your work day is over. However, if you check-out from mobile before the end of the workday, you will be automatically checked out of the web application as well.


I applied for leave but changed my plans and decided to work anyway. Can I manually check-in/check-out?
Yes, you can manually check-in and out on holidays and leaves. However, you won’t be auto checked in or out on these days.


I’ve set up an auto check-in/check-out automation but I don’t see any users entering my automation. Why?
Have you set up work day templates? Your automation won’t know when to check-in/check-out your users if you haven’t set up work day templates and applied them to users/teams.
Also, automations you create on a particular day won’t trigger till the following day. Our service runs once a day (at 12 a.m. for the configured timezone) and therefore you’ll only see users enter your automation the day after you publish it.


I finished my workday early and checked-out from the mobile app. Will my location still be tracked?
No, we don’t track your location after you check-out.


The internet connection on my phone isn’t working. Can I still check-in and check-out from mobile?
No, the check-in and check-out features require an internet connection.


I got auto checked out at the end of my workday but I’m working late and want check-in again. What should I do?
In this case, you can manually check yourself in.


I checked in on mobile but lost connectivity while travelling. Will my location still be tracked?
Yes, you’ll remain checked-in in this case. Your location will still be tracked and it will reflect in your LeadSquared account as soon as you regain your connection.


Will the mobile app prompt me in case the location tracking settings on my device are disabled?
Yes (for Android), you’ll get a notification to turn your device’s location tracking settings on.


I set up work day templates with different time blocks for multiple shifts. Why am I still not being checked out and checked in between shifts?
We only consider the first check-in time and last check-out time. Time blocks and breaks are not accounted for.


I got a notification to check-in but it doesn’t work when I tap on it. Why?
Either the ‘Location Tracking’ settings are disabled for your device or the mobile app or your internet connection is not working.


I configured reminders to be delivered in my automation but my users aren’t receiving them. Why?
Ensure that notifications for the LeadSquared mobile app are enabled. Also, see if the webhooks you’ve configured have the correct ‘Request Type’.


I checked in by tapping the notification on my phone but it hasn’t reflected in my account. Why?
Try switching the LeadSquared mobile app from the background to the foreground of your device. If that doesn’t work, either the ‘Location Tracking’ settings are disabled for your device or the mobile app, or your internet connection is not working.

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