Manage Access for Email Templates

1. Feature Overview

This feature allows users to restrict access to certain email templates in the application. You can restrict access to specific users, roles, groups, or just yourself. Only the selected users will be able to view these templates on the Email Library. You can manage access on the Email Library or while creating/editing an email template. Once this feature is enabled, an Accessible To column will be added on the Email Library grid to display the number of users who can access that template.

Some of the use cases for this feature are –

  • Data Security – By restricting access, unauthorized personnel can be prevented from viewing or using these templates. This helps in protecting organization’s data and maintain compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • Control Over Branding and Messaging – Access restrictions can help maintain consistency in branding and messaging, preventing unauthorized changes that could harm the company’s image.
  • Enhanced User Experience – With access restrictions, a cleaner and more streamlined user interface can be presented for each user by showing them only the templates relevant to their role.
  • Compliance and Legal Requirements – Access restrictions allow to control who can send emails with certain templates, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and reducing the risk of non-compliance.
Note: Email Templates are accessible to everyone by default.

LeadSquared - Manage email template access


2. Prerequisites

  • To enable this feature in your account, reach out to
  • You must be the creator of the email template or an Admin/Super Admin to manage access for that template.


3. Manage Access for Email Templates on Email Library

  1. Navigate to Content>Email Library.
  2. Alongside the relevant Email Template, hover your cursor over LeadSquared - Settings icon and select Manage Access.
  3. On the pop-up window, under Accessible To, click the dropdown and select one of these options –
    • Everyone
    • Only Admins/Only Me
    • Specific User(s)
    • Specific Role(s)
    • Specific Group(s)
  4. To assign access to the relevant entity, select them and click Right Arrow. To remove them from the Assigned Users list, click Left Arrow icon.
  5. Click Save.
Note: The ‘Only Admins’ option will only be displayed to Admin users.

LeadSquared - Manage Access for Email Templates

3.1 View User Access

Once you’re done configuring access to users, you can view the number of users who can access the template under the Accessible To column. Click on the value displayed here to view the entities that have access to this template. Admins/creators of the template can also manage access to the template on this pop-up window.

LeadSquared - Accessible To


4. Template Access in Email Editor

Upon clicking the Use Template button in the Email Editor, only the templates accessible to the user will be displayed. In case the logged in user does not have access to any templates, they’ll receive a “No records to display” message.

LeadSquared - Use Template in Email Editor


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