Export Your Data from LeadSquared

1. Feature Overview

Before you deactivate or close your account, make sure you back up your data by exporting it from your LeadSquared account. This article details how you can export data from LeadSquared.

Note: To export larger data sets of lead, activity, and opportunity data, refer to Large Exportable Reports.

2. Export Leads

Note: You can only export 100,000 leads at once If you’d like to export more, refer to  How to Export More than 1 Lakh Leads?


3. Export Activities

To export system or custom activities, refer to Export Activities.


4. Export Opportunities

To export opportunities from LeadSquared, refer to Export Opportunities.


5. Export Users

To export users from LeadSquared, refer to Manage Users.


6. Export Email Campaign Data

Navigate to Marketing>Email campaign.

  • To export data from email campaigns –
    1. Hover your cursor over Actions.
    2. Click Export Campaign data.

LeadSquared - Export campaign data

  • To export specific lists of leads from the completed Email Campaign Reports (like leads that clicked on the email, leads that ignored the email, etc.) –
    1. Scroll sideways and hover your cursor over LeadSquared - Settings icon.
    2. Select View Report.
    3. Alongside the relevant list of leads, hover your cursor over Actions and click Export Leads.
Note: You can export upto 100,000 leads from the Email Campaign Reports.

LeadSquared - Export leads from email campaign report


7. Export Tasks

To export tasks from your LeadSquared account, refer to How to Create Tasks and Schedule Reminders?


8. Export Accounts

To bulk export multiple accounts from LeadSquared, refer to Accounts Management – Feature Guide.


9. Export Data from Mavis


10. Export SIERA Reports

To export data from SIERA Reports, refer to SIERA Feature Guide.


11. Export Audit Logs

To export your audit history reports, refer to LeadSquared Security Settings – Audit Logs.


12. Export Payment Logs

To export your payment logs, refer to Payment Logs.


Any Questions?

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1 month ago

is there any way we can export all data at one click ?