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[17-Sep-19] New Releases in Automation, Forms & Processes, Smart Views and More…

We’re out with our latest release for the LeadSquared web platform. Here are some highlights –

  • New automation conditions and actions
  • Now run automation on static lists
  • Processes can be embedded in custom portals
  • You can process transactions through forms using payment gateways like Razorpay and PayUMoney



1. We’ve added new automation conditions and actions –

2. Now run automations on static lists – we’ve added a new feature to help you manually trigger automations from list actions. For details, see the ‘Lead Added to List’ section of Triggers in Lead Automation.

3. The Update Activity (for lead activities) automation trigger now supports Custom Field Sets.


Forms & Processes

1. You can now configure processes to appear in your custom portals. For details, see the ‘Embedding Processes’ section of Portal API.

2. Product fields (in sales activities) and multi-select dropdowns (in custom activities) are now available in lead + activity-based forms.

3. You can now process transactions through your forms using payment gateways like Razorpay and PayUMoney. See How to Add a Payment Gateway to a Form.

4. Lead and activity dropdown fields configured with large option sets can now be used in forms.

5. Forms now support 3-4 column layout. Use the expand/contract icons to modify the column width of a field.

forms column width

6. You can place tabs on the top of your form, horizontally, or on the left side in a vertical layout. For details, see the ‘Form Settings’ section of How to Create a Form.

tabs placement in forms

7. You can now add multiple instances of the same activity type, each time with different fields. This will help you accommodate use cases like –

  • Adding multiple instances of job experience with varying durations, organizations and job title
  • Adding multiple instances of education experience with different institutions, degrees etc.

For details, see the ‘Create a Sub-form’ section of How to Create a Form.

8. Now save the progress a user makes on a process (with one or more forms), and allow them to resume the process from exactly where they left off. This is available as a process designer setting (See the ‘Process Settings’ section in How to Create a Process)


Smart Views

1. Now configure the actions you want under list actions and quick actions for lead tabs in smart views. For details, see Smart Views for Admins.

configure smart views actions

2. The last lead activity is available as a column on smart views task tabs.

last activity column in task tab

3. You can now re-order columns for all smart views tabs. For details, see Smart Views for Admins.

column re-ordering


Custom Field Sets

  • Lead import now supports importing Custom Field Sets
    • For example, if you have a parent lead field called ‘Identification Documents’ and the associated custom field set has the child field – ‘Status’, then pass –
      Identification Documents – Status
  • Custom field sets associated with lead fields are now included in Agent Popup.
  • Custom field sets associated with lead fields are available for mail merge throughout the platform (with the exception of Automation and Rules).

For more details, see Adding Custom Field Sets to Leads