Convert Speech to Text on the Mobile App

1. Feature Overview

Field Sales Users can add notes on their leads, opportunities, tasks, and activities on the go using the Speech to Text Converter. While adding notes, users can record themselves speaking the relevant content which will be converted to text. This text can then be edited accordingly.


2. Prerequisite

You must have the LeadSquared mobile app installed on your device.


3. Convert Speech to Text on Lead and Opportunity Detail Notes

  1. On the mobile app, navigate to the relevant Lead or Opportunity Details page.
  2. Tap Notes. On the bottom of the page, tap Add Note.
  3. On the Add Note page, tap Mic icon. Now, you can say what you need to record on the Notes. Once you’re done speaking, the speech will be converted to text on this page. You can edit your notes once the conversion is over.
  4. Once you’re done, tap Save.

LeadSquared - Convert Speech to text on Lead Details


4. Convert Speech to Text on Activity and Task Notes

  1. While creating an activity or a task, tap the Notes section.
  2. Now, tap the microphone icon above your keypad. You can now speak and record your speech as text.
  3. Edit your text notes as you wish and submit the form.
Note: You can only add speech to text Notes on Activities and Tasks while creating them.

LeadSquared - Convert Speech to Text on Activities


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