Store CFS Files on Your Own Amazon S3 Bucket

1. Feature Overview

All files uploaded through custom field sets are securely stored in the LeadSquared Amazon S3 account and are not publicly available. However, if you prefer, you can configure the custom field set to store files in your own Amazon S3 account.

To learn more about CFS fields, see Custom Field Sets.


2. S3 Bucket Configuration

Before connecting your Amazon S3 bucket with LeadSquared, ensure –

1. The bucket is created in the same region as your LeadSquared account. The following are the valid LeadSquared regions –

    • ap-south-1
    • ap-southeast-1
    • us-east-1

2. Add the following policy to the S3 bucket –


3. The bucket settings under the Permissions tab are set as follows –

Storing files securely on LeadSquared

4. Add the following CORS configuration to the bucket –

"AllowedHeaders": ["*"],
"AllowedMethods": ["GET","HEAD"],
"AllowedOrigins": ["https*"],
"ExposeHeaders": [],
"MaxAgeSeconds": 3000
"AllowedHeaders": ["*"],
"AllowedMethods": ["GET","HEAD"],
"AllowedOrigins": [
"ExposeHeaders": [],
"MaxAgeSeconds": 3000
"AllowedHeaders": ["*"],
"AllowedMethods": ["GET","HEAD"],
"AllowedOrigins": [
"ExposeHeaders": [],
"MaxAgeSeconds": 3000


3. Connect Your S3 Bucket to LeadSquared

On your LeadSquared account –

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Configure Custom Filed Sets.
  2. From the Authentication Type drop-down, select either Access Key and Secret Key or Cross Account IAM Role (Amazon’s recommended authentication method).
For Access Key and Secret Key based authentication
Enter the Access Key and Secret Key associated with your Amazon S3 storage. For more information, see Managing Access Keys on AWS.
For IAM Role based authentication (Amazon’s recommended authentication method)
Enter the Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) identified with your S3 bucket –
  • The Role ARN must be created as follows –
    • Format: arn:partition:service:region:account-id:resource-type/lsq-resource-*
    • Example: arn:aws:iam:234567898765:role/lsq-resource-file-upload
  • Copy and add the ARN mentioned on the UI to your role Trust Relationship.

LeadSquared Custom Field Set File Storage

For more information, see Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) Reference.
Note: It takes 5 minutes to reflect your new storage configuration.

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